PLS Blacklight Blue

The Blacklight Blue PLS is a specialist Compact Fluorescent Lamp that is designed for specific and creative applications. This lamp is rated at 9W or 11 Watts and has a single ended G23 base, a simple pull out/push in cap for easy installation. As a CFL this is an energy efficient light source that lasts 8000 hours and saves 80% on energy usage compared to a conventional incandescent bulb. Please note this lamp can only be fitted in appropriate G23 lamp holders; it is not an incandescent or halogen retrofit.

PLS Blacklight Blue Continued

The Blacklight Blue PLS lamp is used mainly in creative, industrial and scientific applications; detection and analysis purposes in archaeology, money checking, forensic science, food industry, medicine and mineralogy as well as for special effects in night clubs, discos, theatres and sign lighting. This is a dimmable lamp that features flicker free instant start technology for the fast detection of UV reflecting materials. The 2 pin version operates on electromagnetic control gear, while the 4 pin version operates on electronic control gear.