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Prices Drop Across Globe As Demand Grows for LED Light Bulbs

LEDInside, a research division of TrendForce, has discovered that during May 2013, the price of LED light bulbs declined by 1% across the globe. The most obvious price reduction was in Taiwan, but the US also experienced a decrease in the cost of one of these increasingly popular energy-saving lighting solutions.

The report also observed an increase in the sales of LED light bulbs in the UK throughout the month of May; these two factors combined signal the huge growth that the market is experiencing at the moment, and demonstrate that more and more people are switching to LEDs as their primary lighting solutions.

Many thousands of people across the globe are now switching to LED bulbs rather than use their older incandescent ones. Whenever one of their older bulbs comes to the end of its life span, many are not opting to choose light bulbs that will last for much longer and offer them much better value for money. Incandescent bulbs usually last for a few years when used on a regular basis, whereas LED bulbs, even when used often, can last for a decade or longer. This means that those investing in them now, while prices are dropping, will not have to do so again for a long time.

Those who are investing in light bulbs now will see great reductions in their energy bills. As well as the dropping prices, the low energy-consumption of the bulbs will help those purchasing now to see low energy bills almost immediately. This is perhaps the greatest appeal of the energy-saving LED light bulbs, and a reason why the prices are dropping so drastically; demand is growing for them as many people try to cut back on their personal budgets and reduce their household bills in a time of economic strife.

As well as the economic reasons for the growth of the LED, the environmental reasons are also a huge factor. Concern is growing among many about emissions, carbon footprints and the effect that so much energy usage is having on the environment, and many are trying to cut down on their own person emissions as well as their bills; this demand has also helped to drive down the costs of the LED.

The lower costs of the LED are encouraging even more consumers to invest in them, especially whilst prices are so low. The multitude of benefits combined with the falling prices are meaning that more people than ever are choosing to install these energy-saving light bulbs in their homes and businesses.

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Created by Steve Ellwood on 2nd July, 2013


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

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