Prolite Energy Saving Spiral Light Bulbs

Introducing the Prolite range of Energy Saving Spiral Light Bulbs otherwise referred to as the Helix Evo T2 or Helix ranges designed as direct replacements for the incandescent GLS. The T2 range offers a higher and more efficient light output than the original Helix with a smaller overall size but both feature advantages over an incandescent light source; energy consumption is reduced by 80%, heat output by 70% and UV output by 90%.

Prolite Energy Saving Spiral Light Bulbs Continued

Add the 8,000 hour lamp life that minimises replacement frequency and you have a light source that represents great value for money.

All standard cap types are offered; BC, ES, SES and SBC while colour temperatures are Very warm White, Warm White and Daylight. This lamp is rated between 7 watts and 55 watts, (equivalent 40-250 watt incandescent). Quickstart technology ensures full brightness of the lamp is reached faster than in previous versions. Anywhere you have a conventional GLS this spiral energy saving bulb is a great replacement.