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Prolite Halogen Linear K Class Light Bulbs

This category details the Prolite Linear K Type Halogen Lamp renowned for its superior light output and excellent colour rendition and constant luminosity throughout the entire life of the lamp. These double ended linear halogen lamps are produced using Triple Support technology to provide extended life in comparison to other leading K type linear lamps. Furthermore the filament incorporates extra supports across its length, providing a more stable and less volatile filament, therefore increasing overall lamp life.

The output of these lamps is rated at 60W to 1000 watts, and lengths measure 80mm to 254mm. As far as voltages go, the majority of the K Type lamps operate at 110V or 240 Volts, however we do stock the voltage specific 28 Volt lamps. The K Type halogen is a dimmable light source adding to its versatility. The life expectancy of this lamp type is 2,000 hours, twice that of an incandescent bulb. K Type Linear lamps are quite a versatile light source used in internal and external floodlighting applications, display lighting, for strip light fittings, spotlighting and kitchen lights. The Prolite Halogen K Type is also suitable for rough service applications.