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Robus is a leading industry supplier for all kinds of electrical goods. They are commonly used by the vast majority of electricians as a preferred brand and offer an exceptional price to performance ratio. The lighting products offered by Robus cover an expansive range of applications in domestic, commercial and retail environments. Their range spans several products, popular choices being Robus LED panel ceiling tiles, under cabinet lighting and Robus Downlights.
Robus Lighting is a family-owned company with a fantastic product range that includes; fittings, LED bulbs and accessories, allowing you to remain brand consistent throughout your entire home.
If you want a smarter, more energy-efficient way of lighting your home, then check out our Robus Connect collection, a selection of products that can be controlled via an app.



Are Robus lights any good?

Robus is one of the market leaders in terms of quality/cost ratio on all their lighting products. Made with hard-wearing materials, Robus light fittings, accessories and even delicate bulbs are designed for durability. 
As modern homes become more and more common, people are now looking for a light fitting that fits with the interior of their homes. Robus has perfected the combination of style and practicality, ensuring supreme light quality and flawless design.