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Save Energy, Time and Money with GU10 Light bulbs from BLT Direct

If you're planning to move home, re-furbish or re-decorate your house this summer; now is the perfect time to integrate an energy-saving solution into your interior. The low energy, low-cost GU10 light bulbs from BLT Direct will not only help save the planet but last much longer than the average light bulb.

Available in a variety of wattage and styles, the energy-saving GU10 light bulbs can be ordered in bulk to kit out the kitchen, hallway or multiple bathrooms ready to conserve energy whilst enjoying a well-lit home! BLT Direct also offer dimmable GU10 light bulbs, ideal for lounge and entertainment areas as you can make the transition from a well-lit reading area to a cinematic feel during the late evening.

The energy-saving light bulbs also come in an assortment of colours, depending on how you want your newly decorated home to look. Kitchens that opt for more neutral colours through the decor benefit from the classic ‘daylight coloured bulbs; offering ample lighting for those kitchen tasks which require intense concentration and visibility.

Deeper coloured rooms, which are filled with rich burgundies purples or wooden furniture would suit the warm white light bulb colour, offering the right tones to highlight elegant wood finishing and providing sufficient light to cater to the deeper tones of a room.

If you enjoy a good book in bed, GU10 halogen light bulbs are great spotlights, so you can catch up on the latest mystery or study your holiday destination without having to strain.

So save your energy with GU10 light bulbs, and save your budget with BLT Direct to keep your home well lit, planet-friendly and comfortable. You can view the full range of energy saving light bulbs at BLT Direct

Created by Steve Ellwood on 20th July, 2010


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct