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Shaver Lights

Typically operated via a simple cord, bathroom shaving lights have become a popular addition to the bathroom. Its success in recent years can be attributed to the increased affordability and effectiveness of modern electrical razors, as a result, growing the popularity of both electrical razors and shaver lights, especially since its creation in 1915 by German engineer Johann Bruecker.

What is a shaver light?

A shaver light is a type of bathroom light fixture that is designed to provide focused lighting for tasks such as shaving or applying makeup. Shaver lights nowadays are typically a LED light fitting although older models contain one or two striplight bulbs and are enclosed in a IP65 light fitting that is fixed to the wall above the sink. The light is often covered by a frosted glass diffuser to reduce glare and provide even lighting.

In addition to providing task-specific lighting, shaver lights can also serve as a decorative element in the bathroom. Shaver lights are available in a wide range of styles from a basic plastic unit to impressive styled chrome fittings ranging from traditional to contemporary, making it easy to find one that complements the overall design of the space.

How do I change the light in my bathroom shaver?

Modern shaver lights that use LED technology will likely never need to be replaced due to LED technology’s incredibly long lamp life and the sporadic uses of shaver lights. However, if you needed to change the light in your LED bathroom shaver, you would be required to replace the entire fitting.

For old style shaver lights however, the light bulb or striplight can be changed. We do recommend you consult the manufacturer’s manual for instructions before attempting to change the light. There may be a small panel that needs to be unscrewed in order to access the lights. Once the panel is removed, you'll be able to see the striplight or light bulb and its socket. Gently remove the light and insert the new light into the socket. Finally, place the panel and screw it back into place.

What is the point of a shaver socket?

Modern shaver lights are often combined with a shaver socket on the side of the unit. Shaver sockets provide a safe and convenient way to power and recharge electric razors. Furthermore, shaver sockets are usually designed with built-in fuses that will trip if the current becomes too high. This safety feature helps to protect users from electrocution, and it also helps to prevent damage to the razor itself. In addition, shaver sockets are often equipped with weather-resistant covers that can be closed when the outlet is not in use. This helps to keep out moisture and dirt, further reducing the risk of an electrical shock. Plus, unlike conventional charging methods, no adapter is required to recharge the electric razor.

Is warm white or cool white better for bathrooms?

When choosing light fittings for the bathroom, it is important to consider the colour of the light. Warm white fittings emit a yellowish light, which can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Cool white fittings emit a bluish light, which can make a room feel brighter and more spacious. In general, cool white fittings are better suited for bathrooms than warm white fittings. The extra brightness can be helpful when shaving or applying makeup, and the clean colour is less likely to show up imperfections in tile or mirror surfaces. However, ultimately the decision of which type of fitting to choose depends on personal preference and the overall style of the bathroom.