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Single Pin Fluorescent Tubes

As a specialist fluorescent tube the Single Pin Tube can be difficult to source. That is why we dedicate individual categories to such hard to find lamps. These replacement Single Pin or Monopin Fluorescent lamps are ONLY for installation in appropriate existing explosion proof fixtures; the lamp holder for this fluorescent tube is a special ‘lamp specific’ holder that eliminates possible sparking effects during ignition.

The Single Pin Fluorescent comes as a T8 (25mm diameter) or a T12 (38mm diameter) tube with an FA6 double ended cap/base type. The output of these lamps is rated at 30w, 36w, 40w, 55w or 55 watt each featuring a Cool White colour temperature.

We stock two versions of the Single Pin Fluorescent Tube; a standard T12 lamp that features a 9000 hour lamp life, and the Aura Super Ex version that is offers 40% more light output than the T12 tube, is triphosphor coated and lasts an extended 36,000 hours. Both versions operate on a special Cold Start electronic ballast. This is an application specific lighting solution for Critical Area use; on oil rig platforms, in chemical production facilities, refineries and laboratories.