Single/Twin T5 Batten (High Frequency) Fluorescent Fittings

If you’re planning to overhaul your kitchen, whether it’s in a domestic space or a commercial building, these single and twin T5 high-frequency fluorescent light fittings offer an excellent lighting solution. They can be installed in many tricky areas and provide attractive light that’s great for illuminating surfaces directly underneath cupboards and overhanging units.

Single/Twin T5 Batten (High Frequency) Fluorescent Fittings Continued

Available in wattages including 14, 24, 28, 35, 49 and 54, there’s certainly something to meet everyone’s needs here in this broad collection. As always at BLT Direct, you’re guaranteed superb low prices without compromising on quality. If you’re not sure which of our single or twin T5 batten fluorescent fittings you require, get in touch with our team for assistance.