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SK15 Double Ended Infrared Heat Lamps

A Range of Infra Red Heaters with a SK15 Cap/Base. These come in wattages ranging 300 to 3650 Watts. Infra Red Heaters are used when high temperatures are required, fast responses or temperature gradients are needed or products need to be heated in certain areas in a targeted way.

Applications; Industrial Manufacturing Processes including Curing of Coatings, Heating of Plastic Prior to Forming, Plastic Welding, Brazing and Processing Glass. They are also used to provide Warmth to Livestock, Captive Animals in Zoos or Veterinary Clinics, especially for Lizards and other Reptiles, and Tropical Animals such as Birds. Other applications are Warming/Maintaining the Warmth of Food, Enhancing Appearance of Food, Patio Heaters and Space Heating.