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Infrared Zone Heating

Introducing a great range of Infrared Zone Heater Lamps in a wide choice of sizes wattages and types. Infrared Heat Lamps are used wherever targeted and rapid heat is required be it at home, work, indoors or outdoors. Visually more attractive and much more energy efficient than conventional gas alternatives the infrared heat lamp works by penetrating the air without heating it; only the person or targeted object is warmed.

These heater lamps are renowned for their short response times, precise temperature regulation and high efficiency. Furthermore these shortwave infrared lamps are environmentally clean.

We have detailed our range of Zone Heating Lamps according to type; within each category you will find a list of models available with detailed specifications. We offer a vast choice of lamps of varying lengths operating at 220-240V as well as lamps that operate at 120 Volts. These super heater lamps come with a successful track record for reliability and performance and offer a well received 5,000 hour lamp life.