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Slimline LED Batten Lights

Look no further than BLT Direct when you require slimline LED batten lights. Our high-quality slimline LED batten lights are available in lengths ranging from one to six feet and produce up to 4800 lumens. There’s no better place to source first-class LED luminaires. What’s more is that these battens can deliver up to 30000 hours of usage, which makes them ideal for those seeking long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting solutions. Why not browse our range today if you need slimline batten lights for a commercial or residential space?

Are Daylight or Soft White Slimline LED Battens better?

Choosing the right slimline led batten light can be difficult, especially when it comes to colour temperature.

Typically the daylight colours offer a starker white, which produces better colours and is associated with the daytime light level (between 5000K and 6500K). This is usually best for use in locations such as kitchens, hallways and other areas that require good visual clarity.

Soft white colours sit on the lower end of the scale, at around 1200K up to 3000K. These warm tones are great for table lights, living spaces and other areas that need a more homely feel. There are also in between colours such as cool white (4000K to 4500K) which are a great option for those who need a bit of both.

Should I Replace Fluorescent With LED?

Older fluorescent fittings are often bulky, get very hot and have lots of components that can fail. Swapping your old fluorescent light to a slimline LED batten is a great way to save on energy consumption, as well as reducing the heat output of your light.

What is a Slimline Batten Light?

Slimline LED battens are a modern lighting solution to old fluorescent fittings. There are a variety of lengths and colours available, with all the necessary components built in. Most models are slimline LED battens, making them easier to fit into tight spots as well as making them look nicer. Typically, the slimline LED batten lights are easier to install than their fluorescent counterparts as they are lighter and easier to manouver.