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Small Bayonet Cap LED Golfball Bulbs

If your looking for petite and stylish small bayonet LED golfball bulbs, then look no further than the range at BLT Direct. Sourced from numerous manufacturers, our bulbs promise quality and flawless performance every time they are switched on. Built for longevity with up to 25000 hours of lamp life, these LED golfballs replace older and more wasteful incandescent lighting, which damages the planet and need replacing every few thousand hours. These small bayonet golf ball bulbs are perfect for any fitting that requires a smaller bulb, such as a table lamp or wall light.

What is a small bayonet cap bulb?

A small bayonet cap is a type of light bulb base that implies how it is installed into a fitting. A bayonet cap bulb is pushed into the fitting and twisted to ensure it doesn't come loose. The size cap that is on all of our range of small bayonet LED golfball bulbs is 15mm, this refers to the diameter of the base. These easy to install bulbs are growing more and more popular as people look to maintain space and use small but more powerful bulbs. Perfect for table lamps and other fittings found both domestically and commercially, these brilliant small bayonet golfball light bulbs are sourced from multiple trusted manufacturers, so you get quality every time. 

Are all bayonet bulbs the same size?

While generally speaking not all bayonet cap bulbs share the same diameter, the ones found on this page all have a diameter of 15mm as they are classified as SBC or small bayonet cap bulbs. We also have B22 LED golf ball bulbs available for any of your fittings that are slightly larger or require a larger bulb. While our small bayonet LED golfball light bulbs all share the same size cap, they may differ in diameter or length, so it is best the check that you have the correct size before choosing the best bulb for you. Luckily we have labelled clearly the dimensions for each product, making the choice easier.