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Smart Deck Lights

Smart Deck lights combine impeccable performance with easy to use technology to create a stylish but practical lighting solution for your outdoor areas. Smart deck lights allow you to control the colour, light output and off/on function of your light fittings from anywhere in your home. You can do this using several methods, including Wifi/Bluetooth connection, apps, or smart systems like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. This simple but effective technology makes changing the look of your garden effortless, making your garden the perfect place to host any event. Browse our comprehensive range below to add a splash of colour to your decking.

How do you control Smart deck lights?

Smart Deck lights can be controlled using a variety of methods. Apps, Smart home systems, and Wifi connections can be used to change the light output and the colour of your deck lights anywhere in your home. Alexa controlled deck lights and other types of Smart system deck lights can connect with other Smart products and create an easy to manage complete lighting system. 

Are all Smart deck lights Alexa and Google Home compatible?

Not all Smart deck lights have Google Home or Amazon Alexa compatibility but use a brand-specific app to control their lighting products. If a product is Amazon Alexa or Google Home compatible, it will be made clear in the products specifications or on the packaging. It is also important to note that some deck lights are compatible with multiple Smart systems or apps and can be controlled over a Wifi or Bluetooth connection. Smart home control systems like Google Home or Amazon Alexa offer the user a complete lighting system, connecting all compatible devices and allowing the customisation of different groups of products that can be controlled simultaneously.