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Smart LED Bulbs

With new technology comes new ways to make lighting easier for you. With bulbs that can be adjusted using a wide range of SMART systems including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and specific brand apps, changing your lighting has never been quicker or more practical. Create the exact atmosphere you want with just the click of a button by changing the colour or light output of your bulbs to suit your needs. Browse our range below and find a modern update to your lighting.

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What do smart light bulbs do?

Smart bulbs are a new, simple way to manage the lighting in your home, all via a smart device or app. Using a home system control device like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, or an app that is specific to a particular brand, you can alter the brightness, colour, and even energy consumption of a bulb anywhere in your home. 

Do Smart Bulbs need WiFi?

Most smart light bulbs will require Wifi to maintain full smart system functionality. For example, a light bulb that connects to Amazon Alexa will not have a signal if there is a poor or no Wifi connection, this issue can be combatted by purchasing BlueTooth compatible bulbs that work even if a Wifi connection is lost.

Do smart bulbs waste electricity?

Due to a constant Wifi connection between the bulbs and SMART system devices, the smart light bulbs will consume a tiny amount of power while they are off. The good news is that these equate to only a penny or two extra per bulb per month, making smart lighting not only more practical but at a minimal running cost. With all smart light bulbs using LED technology, they are extremely energy efficient.