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Smart Light Switches

Our range of Smart switches offer a load power of between 5-500 Watts and the capability to be used alongside Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices for an ingenious lighting solution. We provide Smart light switches for indoor or outdoor use and Smart Wifi receivers that can help convert a traditional switch to a Smart switch. These Smart light switches can also be controlled remotely through a downloadable mobile or tablet application or the purchase of a remote control/sensor remote. Google Home and Alexa light switches are compatible with other Smart devices of the same brand, making them perfect for those with several devices. Wifi light switches are one of the quickest growing trends on the market, browse below and find out why?

Do you need an electrician to install a Smart light switch?

We recommend that you have a fully qualified electrician install any electrical fitting or appliance that you purchase from BLT Direct.

Are smart switches worth it?

Smart Switches replace conventional light switches and have a number of benefits that can save you time, money and energy. Because Smart light switches can be controlled on any smartphone or vocally, you do not have to physically be within arm's length to manually turn a switch on/off. Smart switches also make it easier to turn off several bulbs simultaneously and save plenty of time if some switches are just out of reach. 

Do smart switches use more electricity?

Because Smart devices use electricity when they are off or on standby, they consume slightly more energy than a conventional switch or bulb. However, this increase is tiny and indistinguishable most of the time, meaning you won't have to break the bank to have a smarter and low maintenance quality light switch.

Do smart switches need a hub?

Depending on the brand of smart switch that you purchase, you may or may not require a hub – many Wi-Fi enabled switches don't need a hub, but other types do require a smart hub