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Smart Lighting & Home Products

New to the BLT Direct website! Please see below for our extensive range of Smart lighting and home products that offer great value for money and excellent energy efficiency. Using the most up to date technology available, these Smart products allow you to control appliances through the use of voice (with the addition of the use of Amazon Alexa and/or Google Home) and compatible mobile and tablet applications, allowing us to move towards a more hands-free attitude. Within our Smart home section, you will be able to find a wide range of smart light bulbs, light fittings and compatible items such as cameras, vacuum cleaners, table lamps and plugs and smart light switches & sockets. Keep an eye out on this section of our website as it is almost guaranteed to grow with new exciting Smart products being introduced to the market at a rapid rate.

What is a Smart lighting system for the home?

A Smart lighting system is a home system that allows you to control any lighting appliance that is connected. This gives you the ability to change the colour, light output and on/off function of any Smart light bulb. Google Home and Amazon Alexa are the two most commonly used platforms but many brands have their own app to give you direct access to your lights. Connected by Wifi, a hub or Bluetooth, these bulbs and light fittings are an effortless way to reduce your carbon footprint and are easy to install and set up.

Do I need a hub for smart lights?

All Smart lights will require a Smart hub unless they have Bluetooth or Wifi connection. Smart light bulbs use a radio frequency to communicate with other bulbs and smart systems, a hub acts as a regulator or translator for those products to ensure they function as required. It is recommended to have a Smart hub if you have a large amount Smart bulbs.

Can smart light bulbs be used in any fixture?

Smart light bulbs are extremely useful, not only for their energy-saving capabilities but because they can be installed in a previously used fitting. This allows you to install brand new bulbs without needing to break the bank for replacement fittings. One of the most popular choices of Smart bulbs replacing traditional bulbs is using Smart lights in downlight fixtures or using Smart LED strip lights to illuminate kitchens or bedrooms. There are Smart system light fittings available, removing the need for bulbs and reducing replacement costs. 

Can I use smart bulb without WiFi?

Most Smart bulbs have to use a Wifi connection to be able to have complete functionality. Some Smart light bulbs have Bluetooth compatibility and can be used even when there is no Wifi connection. 

Are smart bulbs a fire hazard?

Smart light bulbs are not any more of a fire hazard than standard light bulbs. LED smart bulbs are even less likely to be a fire hazard as they use a semi-conductive material to generate light as opposed to heating a filament like a halogen or incandescent. They do not increase in temperature as so are much less likely to be a fire risk.