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Sodium Lamps

Introducing a comprehensive range of Sodium Lamps arranged into product specific categories to guide you to the correct page and lamp type. Sodium Lamps operate on an Internal or External Ignitor, each offering excellent efficiency and economy alongside a long life of up to 28,000 hours. We stock High Pressure Sodium Lamps and Low Pressure Sodium Lamps, as well as Specialist application-specific SON lamps.

Simple to install with either a bayonet, screw-in or plug-in base fitting this light source produces a warm orange light that is easier on the eye than metal halide or halogen over long periods of time.

The Sodium light source is a commonly utilised lighting solution for street and floodlighting applications, tunnel illumination, industrial buildings, car parks, warehousing, city centre and commercial lighting. The Agro SON lamp is specifically designed for hydroponic systems and horticultural applications. Please note: When selecting your replacement sodium lamp please take care to check if you need Internal ignitor or external ignitor, these are differentiated by a triangle with an E inside (external ignitor) and an I inside (internal ignitor).