Solar Panel Accessories

Detailed below is our range of Accessories to be used with our LED Solar Powered Light Fittings. Solar lights are incredibly versatile; use in outbuildings, where there is no mains electricity, for security floodlighting in domestic and commercial premises, as decorative party lights, for garden illumination, hotel signage and driveway and pathway lighting. Any accessory you may need to replace or aid installation will be found here; we stock controllers, programmers, sensor switches and wiring kits.

Solar Panel Accessories Continued

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BLT Direct Highlights The Importance Of Solar Power As The Longer Days Creep In

As the Great British Public enjoy the longer, lighter evenings brought to them with the return of Daylight Saving Time, BLT Direct highlights the importance of utlising solar power technology during this time of seasonal change. The range of solar paneled lighting from the UKs leading lighting suppliers cover a variety of popular external fittings, making to switch to solar power easy for any homeowner this summer.

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Solar Lighting From BLT Direct

Harnessing the power of the sun to power light fittings is no new phenomenon, but in recent years it has become increasingly easy to implement such measures in the domestic environment. With no har...

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