Solar Lighting

Browse our selection of products powered by solar energy for a technologically advanced and cost-effective way to light up your home, commercial or retail environment. These lines will be able to offer you a host of great benefits including a superior level of brightness compared to mains Halogens.

Solar Light Fittings Continued

We are able to provide you with an extensive range of items, from Handy Shed Lights to Stylish Water Features. Solar Powered technology is incredibly versatile; it can be used in outbuildings where there is no mains electricity. You can also use it for an added level of security in domestic and commercial premises. As well as party decorations, garden illumination, hotel signage, driveway and pathway lighting.

BLT Direct Highlights The Importance Of Solar Power As The Longer Days Creep In

As the Great British Public enjoy the longer, lighter evenings brought to them with the return of Daylight Saving Time, BLT Direct highlights the importance of utlising solar power technology during this time of seasonal change. The range of solar paneled lighting from the UKs leading lighting suppliers cover a variety of popular external fittings, making to switch to solar power easy for any homeowner this summer.

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As Summer Approaches, Stock Up on Solar Light Fittings with BLT Direct

Browse BLT Direct's wide range of solar lighting solutions, all of which can be used in gardens and outdoor areas throughout the summer.

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