Solar Spot Lights

Solar Spot Lights combine the eco-friendly benefits of solar powered and LED lighting technologies. Costing nothing to run yet still emitting output equivalent to a mains powered halogen spotlight, this is one light source that should be given serious consideration. The choice of spotlights includes twin and single lamps each with fittings included for wall mounting, deck mounting or spike mounting. Each fitting is constructed from solid metal, toughened plastic or die cast aluminium resulting in a robust, yet still stylish spotlight.

Solar Spotlights Continued

All our solar spotlights come with a powerful solar panel (up to 1.6W) that simply charges by day, storing energy to power the LED spotlights at night.

Illuminating up to a distance of 25 metres these lamps automatically light up at night and remain on till daylight, (up to 12 hours on a full charge). Designed for UK weather conditions these spotlights are weatherproof and will charge their batteries even on the dullest of winter days.  Simple and easy to install, this mains free, economical light source will enhance the outside of you property, light up pathways, trees and bushes and garden features. 

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