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Some Of The Best Skylines In The World In Terms Of Lighting

Whether you are an avid traveler or only get the chance to visit a foreign country once a year, we can all appreciate a good skyline when we see one.

A skyline is an outline of land and buildings that is defined against the natural backdrop of the sky. In many cities, the skylines that feature are world-renowned, attracting flurries of tourists keen to catch a glimpse of the stunning scenery.

Many are also defined by lighting and look especially stunning at nighttime when they are lit up and can be appreciated from miles away. Fancy a trip to somewhere when you can take in a truly breathtaking skyline? Read on for our top suggestion.

A postcard worthy image, showing the illuminated Le Theatre des Arts at Paris Las Vegas Casino
Photo by Mike Boening / Unsplash

Las Vegas
Las Vegas, otherwise known as Sin City, is a place characterized by casinos and non-stop partying. You’ll also be glad to know that a visit there will give you a chance to gaze at a truly mesmerizing skyline. Be sure to wait until nighttime though, when the whole city becomes a haven of neon lighting. Flashing signs and fluorescent colours make Las Vegas what it really is, a 24 hour city.

Photo by Holger Link / Unsplash

Interestingly shaped buildings? Check. A blue sky and an even bluer stretch of water? Check. The Sydney skyline really has everything that you could wish for and more and is the perfect place to visit if you’re keen to scope out some truly instgrammable shots. Nothing can beat the visuals when blue and pink lighting is reflected on the water.

Photo by Unsplash

Macau, China
China used to be a communist country, but with a visit to this Las Vegas like city, you’ll see that those days are long gone. Macau is an island city crammed full of bright lights and towering buildings. Be sure to grab a shot of the Grand Lisboa hotel. It’s 47 stories high and towers over the Pearl River like a huge fan.

Photo by Unsplash

The windy city is a cosmopolitan playground that hasn’t gone overboard with skyscrapers in the same way that New York has but still maintains something that is truly spectacular to witness. The 108 story tall Willis tower is the tallest and most impressive buildings you’ll see here, all of which are set against the blue waters of Lake Michigan.

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Created by Gary Baker on 17th May, 2018


Gary Baker

Gary Baker

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