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SON E Elliptical External Ignitor

Detailed below is our range of SON-E External Ignitor Elliptical Sodium Lamps that emit a Sodium Orange colour temperature. These sodium discharge lamps produce a strong yellow light and require matching external control gear to run. In a choice of wattages, finishes and an Edison Screw or Giant Edison Screw base these lamps are simple to install, offering reliability and low energy consumption alongside an impressive 28,000 hour lamp life.

This light source is generally found in street and floodlighting applications, car parks, commercial, industrial and warehouse lighting. They are suitable for use in open and enclosed luminaires. Please note: When selecting SON E lamps please take care to check if you need Internal ignitor or external ignitor, these are differentiated by a triangle with an E inside (external ignitor) and an I inside (internal ignitor).