SON T Tubular Internal Ignitor

Detailed below is a range of Tubular Sodium SON T Lamps featuring an Internal Ignitor and a Sodium Orange colour temperature. These lamps are available in a choice of diameters, ES/E27 or GES/E40 base fittings and wattages starting at 50W and increasing to 1000 Watts. The qualities of this functional and long lasting light source (up to 28,000 hours) are simple installation, reliability, robustness, good lumen stability and low energy consumption.

SON T Tubular Internal Ignitor Continued

The Sodium SON-T is a commonly utilised lighting solution for Street and Floodlighting applications, Tunnel Illumination, Industrial Buildings, Car Parks, Warehousing, City Centre and Commercial Lighting. Please note: When selecting SON T lamps please take care to check if you need Internal ignitor or external ignitor, these are differentiated by a triangle with an E inside (external ignitor) and an I inside (internal ignitor).