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Founded in 2008 in California by Shuji Nakamura, this innovative LED lighting company produce stunning lamps and fittings that will create a quality of light that is as close to natural daylight as possible.

Soraa Lamps benefit from numerous innovative lighting technologies that result in a crisp premium light that compares to no other brand. Featuring a High CRI of 95 for deeper more natural colours, this fantastic range of lamps are ideal for premium applications in top of the range hotels and eateries as well as for use in galleries, museums and retail. The lamps will provide a higher defining beam of light that will help to improve the appearance of the intended product.

Another Key feature of Soraas range of LED lights is the award winning Snap system. These magnetic snap lenses are meticulously crafted to work together with Snap compatible LEDs. Combine single source GaN on GaN LED technology with an innovative set of magnetic attachment filters and lenses to completely redefine your accessory application. Lenses have the adaptability to amend the shape of spreaded beam, Colour of light and the amount of light.

Please see our extensive range of Soraa branded LED Lamps and fittings for fantastic high quality lighting solutions.

Sorra are specialists in beam angle control on LED GU10s. We therefore offer these as our main branded supplier for Narrow Beam LED GU10 Bulbs.