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Soraa LED Vivid GU10 Range

Manufactured by Soraa, the Vivid single-source COB lamp combines Soraa’s world-class optics design and driver technology with a top of the range innovative LED.

This GU10 lamp is suitable for use in fully enclosed fixtures, subject to the maximum heat sink temperature limits stated in the attached data sheet. They are Intended for use in compatible recessed downlights, track lighting and other indoor/outdoor applications. These high quality bulbs offer a CRI of 95 and are ideal for use in hotels, premium shopping outlets, museums and galleries thanks to its crisp range of emitted light.

Snap Small (2 Inch) and Large (4 Inch) options are available for compatible Snap bulbs within the Vivid range.

What makes Soraa Vivid lamps different to standard LED GU10s?

The difference between standard LED GU10s and Soraa Vivid GU10 lamps is the high-quality deep colour index output of the lamp and retrofit compatibility that makes them the perfect choice for Art Gallery and top-end lighting installations where the colour index is critical. Using their signature GaN on GaN LED technology, these lamps boast a 40% improvement in efficiency over the previous generation of Soraa GU10 LED also offer exceptional brightness rendering the entire visible spectrum, making whites whiter and colours more natural. Finally, unlike other high output GU10 products, Soraa's range of GU10s are retrofit sized. They are a perfect choice for replacing old halogen lamps in both indoors and outdoors applications.

What is CRI and why is Soraa known for it?

CRI stands for Colour Rendering Index, representing the lamp's ability to accurately render the colours of the objects around it. Soraa's range of Vivid GU10 lamps boasts a staggering > 95 CRI compared to the conventional GU10 LED > 75-80 CRI. A high CRI is a must-have for art galleries, museums and restaurants, where the illumination of the subject is key. As can be seen from the example below, Soraa's Vivid GU10 renders a much more vibrant and attractive colour output.

Example of Soraa VIVID LED lamp making colours much more vibrant compared to standard LED lamp

Soraa's results speak for themselves and show why they are respected and known for their CRI output.

What beam angle Vivid GU10 do I require?

The beam angle you require depends on the application for the Vivid GU10 lamp. Thanks to Soraa's POINT SOURCE OPTICS technology, the beam intensity is much higher than other GU10 LED products on the market and ensures a beautiful and crisp output, regardless of the beam angle. If a single subject is the focal point, such as an art piece in a museum or gallery, you will benefit from a 10-degree beam angle. For a bigger subject in galleries and museums or for use restaurants and hospitality, a beam angle of 25-36 degrees will be ideal. Lastly, if you require a large area to be flushed with light, the 60 Degree beam angle will be the one you're looking for. Great for retail and commercial applications.