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Soraa Snap Lenses

Please see above our extensive range of Soraa branded magnetic lenses, manufactured to be part of the innovative Snap system - An adaptable system that will allow multi usage of lamps as well as delivering numerous lighting designs and possibilities.

These magnetic snap lenses are meticulously crafted to work together with Snap compatible LED lamps. They combine single source GaN on GaN LED technology with an innovative set of magnetic attachment filters and lenses to completely redefine your accessory application. Lenses have the ability to amend the shape/degree of beam angle, colour of light and the amount of light.

Currently available in two sizes - Small (2 inch - 50mm - Suitable for PAR20m GU10 and MR16 Bulbs) or Large (4 inch - 84mm - Suitable for PAR30, PAR38 and AR111 Lamps)

Key features of Soraa's Snap system;

  1. Multi Usage for bulbs - One lamp can be used for numerous designs/applications with the swapping and changing of required Snap
  2. No need for additional bulbs - one bulb can be adapted, reducing costs of lamp inventory
  3. Easy to use magnetic system, simply swap and change when required
  4. Improved Flexibility - with no need to remove lamp itself
  5. Amend Beam distributions with the addition of one of many beam spreaders
  6. Amend colour of emitted light with the addition of one of the CCT colour shifters