Special Hospital Lamps

A range of Special Hospital lamps.

Wattages; 10w, 25w, 40w, 50w, 75w, 100w and 120 watt.

Caps; Ba15d, Ba20d, Ba22d, G6.35/GY6.35, GX5.3/GU5.3, PG22d and X514.

Special Hospital Lamps Continued

Voltages; 6v, 12v, 22.8v, 23v, 24v, 110-130v and 220-240 volts.

Diameters; 10mm, 20mm, 35mm, 40mm and 50mm.

Types; Capsule and Miniature.

Applications are many and varied and specific to each lamp; Microscopes, Endoscopes, Diagnostic, Opthalmic, Operating Theatre, UV Radiation, Fluorescent Microscopes, Germicidal Processes, Dental Surgical, Clinical and Sterilisation.