Application Specific T8 Fluorescent Tubes

Look no further for T8 Fluorescent tubes which are designed to be suitable for a variety of specialist situations. Explore our great T8's which have been developed to be used safely in both Aquariums and Vivariums, and discover perfect tube for all of your Anti Drug, Plant Growing and Disco requirements in addition to lines which are appropriate for Gourmet (Butchery), Germicidal and Insect-O-cutor applications. This line also includes Replacement Skywhites which will emit a Daylight colour temperature and which will burn at a super bright 8000 Kelvin.

Application Specific T8 Fluorescent Tubes Continued

We have hard-to-find lines which are ideal for Industrial Processes and Special Effects, as well as a wide selection of other scenarios and will be pleased to provide you with further information on the products.