Spike Lights

Arange of Spike Lights manufactured by Collingwood. These spike lights are all individually IP Rated; IP54 spike lightsare 'protected against dust and against water sprayed from all directions' while IP65 Spike Lights are 'totally protected against dust and against low pressure jets of water from all directions'. We stock LED and halogen spike lights, flood and spot, all of which are made to the highest possible standards using marine grade stainless steel.

Spike Lights Continued

Applications for Spike Lights are many and varied; gardens, pathways, flower beds, decking, driveways, illuminations of buildings, statues and trees to name but a few.

Colour temperatures; White, Warm White, Blue, Red, Amber, Green and Colour Changing. 
Wattages; 1w, 3w, 9w (LED) and 20w, 35w (halogen). 
Types; LED, Halogen, Colour Changing, Mini Spike Lights and High Output.