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Detailed here is our range of Starters for use in Fluorescent Tubes. The starter for a fluorescent lamp needs to be replaced if the tube is flickering or only lights at the ends. A Starter is important as it ensures smooth start and reduces wear and tear on a fluorescent lamp, thereby extending its life span. Fluorescent starters are used in several types of fluorescent lights. A starter, which is simply a timed switch, allows current to flow and thus light the tube.

Each replacement Starter is wattage and voltage specific; a replacement starter must only be fitted in the appropriate fluorescent tube. We stock 4 watt to 22 watt,  4 watt to 80 watt, 80 watt to 125 watt, 110 volt and 80 watt to 160 watt S12 Sunbed Starters. These starter switches offer fast and reliable ignition, lengthen economic lamp life, reduce end blackening and aid sensitivity to voltage fluctuations.