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Super-Efficient LED Capsule Lights from BLT Direct

Conventional halogen light bulbs are slowly but surely being forced out of circulation, with EU legislation ensuring that manufacture of 60w bulbs has already been halted in the UK and many other member countries. 40w bulbs and other lower grades will be phased out by degrees this year, meaning that, unless they have been stockpiling the older incandescent bulbs, the public will have to switch to the super-efficient alternatives such as LED bulbs. BLT Direct is an experienced UK supplier of lighting solutions, specialising in providing all sorts of light bulbs to both commercial and domestic customers. They have a huge range of eco-friendly LED bulbs including a fantastic selection of LED Capsule Lights, which are mainly used for down lights, desk lights and accent lighting.

In many cases, BLT can provide direct replacements for the older halogen capsule lights; their LED G4 Capsule Lamps have two pins at the base and can immediately fit into any existing fitting, making the switch from halogen to efficient LED quick and easy. These high intensity light sources are ideal for a wide variety of uses, including boats and caravans where space may be at a premium and bulbs need to brightly illuminate without the fixture taking up too much room. The bulbs are available in two shades: warm white and daylight, both comforting colour temperatures and easy to integrate into the home or workplace without looking too brash or out of place. One G4 Capsule High Power LED is available for just £5.99 from BLT Direct, a saving of 57%.

For those who may have been using G9 halogen lamps, there is also a solution. The LED G9 Capsule Lamps are ideal for similar applications to their G4 sister lamp, including accent lighting, desk lights and under shelf lighting. The extremely high energy efficiency of these bulbs paired with the low running costs makes them a great investment in the long term – where electricity is charged at the average 12p per kWh, a G9 Capsule High Power LED 2.5w bulb can save approximately £63.00 over the course of its life span. The bulb’s life span itself is another advantage of these technologically advanced lighting solutions; the previous halogen bulbs lasted for up to 2,000 hours, but the more modern LED version can withstand up to 30,000 hours of use. The bulbs are available in the popular warm white and daylight temperatures, and at just £6.40 per bulb at BLT Direct, the potential savings are vast.

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About BLT Direct:  BLT Direct are an online supplier of lighting solutions.  They provide a wide range of lighting products, as well as light fittings and lamp disposal services, and are committed to offering energy efficient solutions to meet a wide range of home and business lighting needs.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 16th April, 2012


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct