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Surface Mounted LED Strip Profile

Surface mounted profile is very popular and it's easy to see why. With easy installation and immaculate results, our surface mounted LED profile reduces the hassle of recessed channel and can be fitted in minutes. Placed direct on a wall or ceiling it offers casing and protection to your LED strip, without damaging the walls and maintaining the stylish look of accented lighting. We have a huge number of durable, high quality mounting LED profile that can be used in both domestic or business settings and all at great prices. Get the finishing touches to your rooms and shop LED mounting profile below.
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What is the difference between surface and recessed profiles?

The difference between LED mounted profile and LED recessed profile is that mounted profile is installed on the surface of a wall or ceiling whereas recessed is set into a wall or under a cabinet. Recessed profile takes slightly longer to install but offers a smooth to the touch finish, where as surface mounted LED profile protrudes from the wall and is more suited to bolder designs where a smooth finish is not wanted or necessary. There is no difference in quality with either of these product as both are sourced from only the most trusted and respected manufacturers across the world and ensure high performance and longevity. 

Where should I put my surface mounted profile?

Surface mounted LED profile can be placed anywhere, with popular choices being on skirting boards, ceilings or accented lighting under worktops or other fixtures. We have a vast collection of LED strip that can be used with our LED profile so you are sure to find the best combination for your rooms. Whether that be a modern crisp white profile with cool white strip or a bold black surface mounted channel with RGB colour changing strip, the options are huge at BLT Direct.