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Suspendable Triproof Battens now available for delivery

We have recently welcomed a new product range to complement our existing selections of battens. The good news is that it’s already proving to be a real hit with those looking for superior illumination for spaces like factories, car parks and garages which require a robust and easy to install light source.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at the features and benefits of our latest range of suspendable tri-proof battens and how they offer the ideal lighting solution for a wide range of commercial applications.

What is a suspendable batten?

Our suspendable batten range takes the standard batten a stage further and comes complete with a suspension wire kit, making the installation process quick and easy.
Available in both 45 and 70w models and a range of colour temperatures ranging from cool white to daylight, choose from either 4, 5 or 6ft battens depending on the area you need to illuminate.

The latest range of suspendable tri-proof battens from Integral also come with an integrated emergency function to provide essential light in the case of a power outage, making them the perfect choice for commercial buildings such as car parks or garages.


What does tri-proof mean?

If the term tri-proof has you confused, then let us explain why these robust battens offer a little extra something when it comes to protecting your new light source.
This range of suspendable tri-proof battens is impervious to three of the main elements that are known to shorten the lifespan of commercial lighting. Water, vapour and dustproof with no metallic components, this range of battens is fully protected from all three elements making it a 'tri-proof' range that offers superior longevity when compared to less robust types of lighting.

How do you install suspendable tri-proof battens?

Each of our suspendable tri-proof battens comes complete with suspension wire for easy installation, but you can also purchase one of our Integral Suspension Kits for Triproof LED Battens which comes complete with everything you will need for quick and easy installation.

Featuring a wire with trigger swivel hook on one end and threaded bolt on the other, 1 x threaded ceiling mount barrel and 1 x screw and wall plug, this product also has a one-year product guarantee so you can install your new suspendable tri-proof battens with confidence.

For more information on our latest range, get in touch with the team at BLT Direct today, and we'll be happy to discuss the right lighting option for your commercial space.


Created by Steve Ellwood on 19th February, 2020


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct