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Sylvania CFLs Arrive at BLT Direct

BLT Direct have introduced an additional range to their existing collection of CFL bulbs, to offer their customers more choice than ever before when it comes to selecting a lighting solution. The new Sylvania Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs come in a variety of colour temperatures and also feature impressive life spans and compact dimensions – making them the perfect addition to the existing range of CFLs available from BLT Direct.

Steve Ellwood, Managing Director of BLT Direct, says, “At BLT Direct, we’re focused on offering our customers plenty of choice when it comes to choosing light bulbs – and the addition of the Sylvania CFLs demonstrates this perfectly. The newly-added range has a great variety of wattages and colour temperatures to choose from, so customers are sure to find the lighting solution that meets their needs.”

Sylvania CFLs require bespoke fixtures, so it’s important for those who already have these fixtures installed that they can find replacement bulbs to fit. BLT Direct has implemented a useful product number and base finder system, making it much easier for customers who are searching for replacement lamps. If a customer with an existing Sylvania CFL bulb is searching for a replacement, this extended range will make it much easier to pinpoint the right model.

The bulbs come in a number of different styles – there’s the Lynx-F lamps, which are short, low-profile light sources which are ideally suited to recessed features in public buildings like hotels or department stores. The Mini-Lynx lamps are a great choice for those who need cabinet or stairway lighting, while the Lynx S & D models are both plug-in CFLs that are highly versatile.

BLT Direct has a longstanding reputation for stocking the world’s best lighting brands, and Sylvania is no different. They are a trusted brand that is renowned for quality lighting products - customers know that when they invest in a Sylvania bulb, they’ll get a CFL with a long life span, high efficiency levels and excellent light output. Whether they’re used in homes or businesses, Sylvania CFLs are a popular lighting solution for a multitude of applications.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 7th May, 2015


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct