Sylvania LYNX-F Compact Fluorescent

A range of SYLVANIA LYNX-F Compact Fluorescent Lamps. These Multi-Tube Lamps are half the length of corresponding L types, yet produce a higher light output. Theycan be Dimmed using a Suitable Dimmer, have Good Colour Rendition andan average life of approximately 10000 Hours making them Cost and Energy Efficient. Ideal applications are; Small, Flat Luminaires for Walls and Ceiling Mountings.

Sylvania LYNX-F Compact Fluorescent Continued

Colour temperatures; 827 (Very Warm White), 830 (Warm White), 835 (White) and 860 (Cool White).
Wattages; 18w, 24w and 36 watt.
Cap; 2G10 (4 pin).
Diameter; 79mm.