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Sylvania LYNX-S Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Sylvania Lamps is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of artificial light sources. It has a broad product offering, from halogen and low-energy lamps for the consumer market, to fluorescent lamps, HID lamps and various special products for the professional specifier.


In our Sylvania Lynx-S CFL range we offer a wide range of compact fluorescent bulbs at a wide range of wattages, and a wide variety of colours as well as a range of bases or caps.

In this range we offer: Lynx-S (2 Pin), Lynx-SE (4 Pin), Lynx-S Compact Fluorescent Blacklight, Lynx-S Compact Fluorescent Blacklight Blue, Lynx-S Compact Fluorescent Germicidal.