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Sylvania Sodium Light Bulbs

Introducing the exceptional range of Sodium Light Bulbs from Sylvania Lighting that is one of the most efficient high intensity discharge light sources available. Within our catalogue are specialist HPS lamps for application specific use, such as the Grolux light source. We stock the, the latest EcoArc lamp and energy efficient SLP lamps that offer low cost, long life illumination as well as Twin-arc bulbs for instant restrike and high security applications.

The Sylvania sodium lamp comes with a choice of screw-in or plug-in bases, and produces a warm yellow/orange light that is easier on the eye than metal halide or halogen over long periods of time. These lamps have a proven track record of performance, reliability and robustness and are commonly utilised in industrial and commercial applications such as street lights, railway yards, harbours, docks, car parks, warehouses, tunnels and viaducts.