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T12 Fluorescent (38mm Diameter) Tubes

The T12 Fluorescent Tube was one of the first fluorescent tubes to be manufactured. Measuring 38mm in diameter it was the mainstay of fluorescent lighting applications for many years. Despite being replaced by more energy efficient alternative fluorescent lamps this type of tube is still required for a number of light fittings round the country. We have stocks of replacement T12 fluorescent tubes in wattages ranging from 20 Watts to 115 Watts and lengths of 370mm to 1509mm.

Furthermore we can supply Blacklight, Blacklight Blue and Unusual Length T12 lamps.

The standard halophosphate T12 offers a reasonable colour rendering and comes in warm white, cool white, white and 10R colour temperatures. It is suitable as a lighting solution for general use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Applications for specialist blacklight and blacklight blue T12 lamps include insectocutor units, specialist medical uses, sunbeds, critical colour matching, bars and nightclubs and special effect lighting. Although not a widely used light source the T12 fluorescent still offers energy saving benefits including a lamp life of up to 8,000 hours.