T3 (10 x 27mm)

A range ofT3 Incandescent, Wedge Base, Light Bulbs.

Colour temperature; 830 (Warm White).

T3 (10 x 27mm) Continued

Wattages; 0.45w, 1w, 1.2w, 1.6w, 1.68w, 1.82w, 2w, 2.2w, 2.6w, 2.8w, 3w, 3.36w, 3.45w, 3.78w, 4w, 4.32w, 4.66w, 4.9w and 5 watt.

Cap; Wedge Base Capless.

Diameter; 10mm.

These lamps are ideal in Garden Lighting Applications, as well as  Automotive Lighting (eg Tail and Side Lights) and Cycle Lamps. They have an average life of approximately 1000 Hours.