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T4 Fluorescent Tubes (12mm Diameter)

Detailed here is a comprehensive range of replacement T4 Fluorescent Tubes from a selection of renowned light manufacturers for installation into existing T4 fittings. Each fluorescent tube is length and wattage specific, but common to all is the G5 double ended base and a lamp diameter of 12mm. These linear lamps come in lengths ranging from 218mm to 747mm and emit a white, cool white or warm white colour temperature. Please Note: All T4 tubes are measured from end of pin to end of pin. 

Rated at 6, 10, 16, 20, 24 or 30 watts these lamps are a long lasting light source boasting an impressive lamp life of 10,000 hours.

The T4 fluorescent tube is a popular lighting solution that is perfectly suited to recessed and space limiting applications such as under cupboard or pelmet lighting, edge lighting, retail displays and bathroom cabinets to name but a few possibilities. These lamps are a robust, reliable and well-constructed light source that offers good lumen efficacy and colour rendering properties, all at a very reasonable and affordable cost. Furthermore it is important to mention the energy efficient properties of the fluorescent tube: fluorescent lamps save 60% on energy usage compared to an incandescent light source which combined with low mercury content and extended life results in a viable cost and energy efficient lighting solution.