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The Benefits of 110v Portable LED Floodlights for Construction Sites

Construction sites can be full of potential hazards. From heavy machinery, power tools, broken ground and dug out holes, not having the correct levels of illumination can lead to accidents that could have been easily avoided with adequate lighting.

In this article, we’re going to be discussing just some of the benefits that come with 110v portable LED floodlights for construction sites to ensure that staff stay safe and able to carry out their assigned tasks without fear of injury.

Less energy

One of the best things about LED lighting is that it uses far less energy than standard construction site floodlights. With an estimated energy saving of around 90% when compared with floodlights available on the market before the advent of LED technology, 110v portable LED floodlights can produce the same brightness at a far lower running cost.

This is great news for construction companies keeping a close eye on their bottom line or for those contractors committed to greener energy use.

Cool running

Packing up at the end of the day doesn’t need to be a chore with 100v LED floodlights, as there’s no reason why you should have to wait until the bright floodlights cool down before storing them away safely.

Technological advancements now mean that these floodlights run cool, so there’s no risk of anyone on site accidentally burning themselves when touching them.

Long lasting and hardwearing

With an average lifespan of around 50,000 hours, 110c LED floodlights for construction sites keep going and going and going! As there/s no filament to burn out, these floodlights need little in the way of maintenance or repair meaning that you can always rely on them as an effective light source for your site.

Dustproof and waterproof

Not only are 110v LED floodlights durable, but they're also fully waterproof and dustproof so they can withstand the worst weather the UK can throw at us without damaging their performance. They're also completely sealed to stop the ingress of dirt and dust particles, so you won't need to waste valuable time cleaning them out in order to get the illumination you need.

Easy to install

Better still, installing 110v LED floodlights is the least complex site task you'll carry out, as it really is as simple as plug into a power source and enjoy the bright, crisp light that these sturdy products produce.

Photo by Guillaume de Germain / Unsplash

Created by Daniel Shakles on 8th April, 2019


Daniel Shakles

Daniel Shakles