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The Best Ways To Light A Small Bedroom

Small bedroom can be full of charm and intrigue and are great for children, but
sometimes can be quite difficult when it comes to lighting.

Nothing quite beats the feeling of walking into a large, airy room that is full of light, something that can be hard to achieve in a room that is slightly lacking in space.

Luckily there are some clever tricks that you can employ with light that can help to
create more space in smaller rooms. Read on for our tips.

Looking down on a spiral staircase with hanging lightbulbs at Heal's
Photo by Ryan Searle / Unsplash

Use Light In Different Levels

When it comes to lighting a small room, one of the best things that you can do to
create space is put light at different levels. For example, you could have a ceiling
as the main light source in the room and could then also have a number of
lamps dotted about. Spreading light across smaller rooms helps to create the
illusion of more space.

Ceiling of a house with wooden beams and rafters exposed and hanging lights between the rafters
Photo by Michael Browning / Unsplash

Direct Light In Different Ways

If you are keen to make your pokey room feel light and airy, another great way to
achieve this is by making the light face in different directions across the room. A
good way to do this is with spotlights.

Photo by Hutomo Abrianto / Unsplash

Make A Statement With A Large Lamp

Often people decorating a small room will shy away from using large fixtures as
they think that they will crowd the space, when in fact the opposite is true. Using a large lamp can create space, but only when the rest of the room isn’t overcrowded
with lots of other items, so this a good choice for anyone who like the minimalist

Photo by Christina Boemio / Unsplash

Bounce Light Off A Mirror

This is a fairly old trick, but it still works an absolute treat, especially in small bedrooms that can look super stylish with the addition of a mirror. Place your
mirror opposite wall lights for the best impact.

Photo by Victor Xok / Unsplash

Think About The Colour Of Your Lampshades

A lot of interior designers will use colour schemes to help enhance the space in a
room, and you can easily do the same if you are redecorating your bedroom. For
bedrooms lacking in size, choose white or very neutral lampshades to create a airy and more open affect that will also look super stylish if you choose to coordinate it with your curtains and bedding.

Created by Gary Baker on 23rd March, 2018


Gary Baker

Gary Baker

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