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The Uses Of LED Strip Profile Infographic

LED Strip Profile is a diverse lighting solution that can pose great benefits for a number of different installations and uses. If you are looking into this type of fitting but are unsure about how to use and install it properly, our infographic is the only tool you need to guide you through the entire process. From the different types of profiles available to where you can use it and how to fit it correctly, our step by step guide will have your LED Strip Profile lighting up and running in no time.

**What’s the difference between LED Extrusions & LED Profiles? **

There is no difference. The terms ‘aluminium extrusion’ and ‘aluminium profile’ are interchangeable.

What types of LED Extrusions are available?

Deep Surface, Shallow Recessed, Deep Recessed, Tube Surface, Thin Surface, Corner

Where To Use LED Profile?

Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Clubs and domestic properties

Ceilings & Walls
Stairs & Skirting's

How to install an LED Extrusion?

Extrusions can be fixed in place using countersink screws, straight into the extrusion. Alternatively, you can purchase fixing brackets if you prefer. These can be attached in place, and once they are in position, your extrusion can be clipped onto them.

What Lengths Does LED Profile Come In?

1 and 2 meter versions.


Created by Gary Baker on 3rd January, 2019


Gary Baker

Gary Baker

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