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Bringing you a completely new range of superior and innovative energy saving products from Timeguard. This fantastic range includes PIR Presence Detectors, activating only when light is needed and switching off when areas are unoccupied; Digital, Compact and Plug-in Time Controllers, for programmable switching of immersion heaters, lighting and general appliances; and Economy 7 Time Controllers, Supply Masters and Boost Timers.

The benefits of utilising these Timeguard products include a reduction in energy consumption and costs and a lowering of CO2 emissions. PIR presence detectors and time controllers are perfect for security in residential and small business applications; random activation of lighting makes you premises or home appear occupied.

Our comprehensive range of products is detailed within each category. You will find specifications and applications for each individual product enabling you to make the best choice for your needs. We stock indoor and outdoor PIRs all with 360 degree detection, basic to high end time switches programmable from 24 hours to 7 days; in fact a complete choice of styles and functionality to suit all applications from residential to industrial and commercial.