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Timeguard PIR Presence Detectors

Introducing the excellent range of Timeguard PIR Presence Detectors enabling you, the end user to take complete control of your lighting. The benefits of installing PIR Presence Detectors are a reduction in energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions. PIR Presence Detectors do exactly what they say, activating only when light is needed and switching off when areas are unoccupied.

We stock a complete choice of styles and functionality within this range, to suit all applications from residential to industrial and commercial.

Each product detailed here has a comprehensive list of specifications ensuring you select the correct detector. We stock surface and flush mounted units all offering 360 degree detection, with adjustable lux levels and time lag settings of between 3 seconds and 120 minutes (dependant on product). Detection zones vary from 3m to 10m and IP Ratings range from IP20, for internal applications to IP66 for fully weather resistant external use.