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Timeguard Time Controllers

Detailed on this page is a range of economical and effective Plug-in Time Controllers from Timeguard, designed to save energy and money. Each Time Controller listed here is programmable to repeat the same switching pattern over a set period of time, from 24 hours to 7 days, dependant on product. Timeguard plug-in timers are perfect for security, convenience and economy applications; from basic appliances (compact version) to filament lamps up to 400W and 100W low energy/fluorescent lighting.

Each product features detailed specifications ensuring you find the correct product for your needs. Common to each is the plug-in operation and simple programming function. The benefits of using time controllers include more than energy and cost reductions; they are also perfect for security in the home and small business. The ability to pre-set random activation of lighting makes you premises or home appear occupied.