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Top Tips for Illuminating Awkward Spaces

When spaces don’t conform to four corners, it can be difficult to come up with lighting solutions. While British architecture is unquestionably charming, it does go hand in hand with attics, lofts, staircases and other awkward areas that just don’t align with traditional lighting solutions.

If you’re in the midst of a decorating dilemma, read on as we take a look at some difficult scenarios, and how to overcome them.

Sloping ceilings
Plain and simple, sloping ceilings just don’t work with recessed overhead lights. Instead, opt for a hanging pendant that sets off the angles and highlights the unique design, as opposed to attempting to ignore it.

Exposed wooden beams
The raw, rustic and authentic look of exposed wooden beams is bang on trend. Unfortunately, they can make it difficult to light up a space. Instead of a single light that looks obstinate in amongst the beams, show them off in all their glory by peppering them with mounted spotlights. You’ll essentially be creating an illuminated work of art, suspended from your ceiling.

Attic bedrooms
Sometimes, attic bedrooms just don’t have the space to feature standing pedestal lamps. Especially if walls are sloping, and height is an issue. In this case, mounting wall scones on either side of a bed is a great way to ensure that ambient reading light is available, on demand.

Flights of stairs can be tricky to illuminate, especially if ceilings are high. Rather than look to the ceiling, why not mount decorative spotlights on the wall bordering each step or two? This will create a glamourous look that works with any kind of décor.

Whether your chimney’s broken or you simply don’t want to endure that smoky smell in your living area, illuminating fireplaces with artificial light is a wonderful way to create mood and ambience. We love the look of clustered candles or squirrel cage light bulbs placed in glass jars for a vintage aesthetic.

Window seats
Instead of attempting to suspend lights from the alcove of a window seat, setting wall fixtures on either side of the bench creates a cosy, intimate feel.

Under the stairs
Forget leaving that awkward space under the stair to spiders and dust. This year, why not get creative and transform it into a cosy reading nook, complete with a statement lamp shade that creates a calm and stress free atmosphere. Be sure to opt for congenial colour temperatures such as warm and soft white.

Why succumb to dead space, when you can get creative with lighting solutions and transform any room into a beautifully illuminated haven?

Created by Steve Ellwood on 9th March, 2016


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct