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Transform your garden this winter with BLT Direct

It's no real surprise that our gardens get a lot less love over the winter months. With biting temperatures, heavy rain and cool winds, the weather makes it near on impossible for us to enjoy our gardens to the fullest, but that doesn't mean that you have to leave them to languish until the weather improves.

With a wide range of floodlights, outdoor wall lights and solar lighting products, you can transform your garden this winter from a drab and uninviting space with a little illumination from the experts here at BLT Direct.

Here are a few of our favourite products for gardens of all sizes this winter.

Flood Lights
Not only do floodlights help illuminate dark corners of your garden and allow you to see what the dog is up to when you let him out for a wander once night falls, but they are also an excellent way of keeping your property secure during the darker months.

Many potential thieves are put off from entering gardens that have a powerful sensor-driven floodlight, and they also offer an excellent way of illumination patios and pathways that may be trip of slip hazards after snow or a hard frost.

Our favourite this winter is the V-Tac Slimline LED Floodlight which offers a powerful light source at a pocket-friendly price. Fully impervious to the wintery elements, this model also offers excellent energy saving capabilities, which means lower household energy bills.

For a burst of colour or to illuminate your favourite shrubs, why not take a look at our range of coloured LED floodlights to inject some much-needed colour into your outdoor space?

LED Outdoor Downlights
It's easy to upgrade your outdoor space with a few LED outdoor downlights! Available in sleek black or brushed nickel finishes, our range of LED outdoor downlights not only provides some much-needed illumination near doors or paths, but they can give your outdoor space a contemporary lift too!

Easy to install and using LED technology for excellent levels of lighting and cost efficiency, our range of LED outdoor downlights is a great way of giving your garden a lift without blowing a big hole in your budget.

Solar Ground Lights
If you want to brighten and lighten your garden without having to deal with any power sources, our range of solar ground lights offers the ideal solution.

As simple as opening the packaging and driving a stake into your borders or path edge, these lights offer a totally free way of illuminating your garden with a soft glow and are robust enough to take on the coldest and wettest of winters.

Snow covered leaves on a branch
Photo by Sorina Bindea / Unsplash

Created by Daniel Shakles on 18th December, 2019


Daniel Shakles

Daniel Shakles