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Tridonic TCL Dimmable High Frequency Ballast

Detailed below is a range of Tridonic Dimmable High frequency Ballasts for the operation of Single and Twin TCL compact fluorescent and T5 circular lamps rated between 18 watt and 80 watts. The ECO units offer predetermined dimming functions and values alongside energy efficient operation and a 50,000 hour service life. Additional features include optimum filament heating in any dimmer setting and automatic restart.

The PCA EXCEL ballasts are individually adjustable ballasts with all the options and features that a device with a universal interface and extensive memory options can offer; noise free precise control via DSI signal, switchDIM, corridorFUNCTION or DALI, fade rates between 50 ms and 90 s (min-max.), automatic restart after replacement of defective lamps and automatically triggered emergency lighting value in DC mode.